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Many Customers shopping online for garage doors have told us they want to see information related to pricing, options that effect price, pictures of doors and the ability to design a garage door using all the options available on today's garage doors. This page has been designed to accomplish this so please send us feedback if there is a way we can improve.


Choices That Effect The Price Of Your New Door

Searching the Internet for the price of a garage door can make you very frustrated. There are 2 reasons why prices are usually not listed on the web.Let me explain why they are so hard to find and how we can help.


1: The "bait and switch" perception. This can happen when the customer sees a low price online (bait), but then the specific service they need ends up not matching the advertised price, then a higher priced door is recommended (switch). No company wants to be associated with anything near that perception.


2: There are many factors that create a situation where even a ball park price is difficult to provide. Some of these factors include the number of manufacturers, panels, sizes, window options, windload requirements, decorative hardware options, and insulation options and materials. It would require a team of people full time to maintain an up to date web page with an accurate price matrix. It is difficult to make and investment this large to handle a problem so easily remedied with a free estimate*. 


Here's what we can do.

This article lists the choices you have when you buy a garage door and how those choices will effect the price.

Material & Style

Steel is not only the most popular material used in garage doors today, it is also the least expensive. The grade of steel and the style of panel can effect the price. 


Windows allow light into the garage and enhance the look significantly. Windows will add about 15% or 20% to the price of the door. There are plenty of beautiful window options available to you. The designer can really help you find the style you like best.


Most color options are included in the price of the door. However, some steel doors have an available wood grain texture that has a slight premium. It's a great feature when you want to capture the look of wood with the "no-maintenance" of steel.



Decorative Hardware

Handles, hinges, knobs and straps will contribute slightly to the cost of the door. You'll want to consider these options when buying a carriage style door in wood or steel to provide more authenticity to the look.






The insulating value of a garage door is given in R-value. R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry. The higher the rating the more insulation provided by the door. A wood door will typically have of an R-value 8-10, while a steel door can range from as little as 5 all the way up to 20. Generally speaking the higher the R value the more you'll pay for the door.

Steel garage doors are constructed in layers. Single layer, double layer and triple layer doors are available. Single layer doors are the most economical and triple layer doors are the sturdiest best constructed doors available.

Here is an example of our line. As you proceed from single to triple layer the quality of the construction, durability and insulation value all increase.

E&M  1000 (Single-Layer)

The E&M 1000 is a single-layer door that provides value and durability.

  • One-layer: steel

  • Durable, reliable, low-maintenance

  • Distinct Doors (25 ga steel)

  • Enduring Doors (24 ga steel)

  • Cambridge Doors (24 ga steel)


E&M 2000 (Double-Layer)

The E&M 2000 is a double-layer door. The heavy-duty steel layer and vinyl-coated polystyrene insulation provide increased thermal properties and quieter operation.

  • Two-layer: steel + insulation

  • Durable, reliable, low-maintenance

  • Environmentally safe polystyrene thermal insulation with vinyl backing

  • Energy efficient and quiet

  • Distinct Doors (25 ga steel)

  • Enduring Doors (24 ga steel)

  • Cambridge Doors (24 ga steel)


E&M 3000 (Triple-Layer)

The E&M 3000 is a triple-layer door consisting of a heavy-duty steel exterior, polystyrene or polyurethane insulation plus a layer of interior steel. It is simply our strongest and most energy efficient garage door providing superior thermal properties.

  • Three-layer: steel + insulation + steel

  • Durable, reliable, low-maintenance

  • Environmentally safe polystyrene or polyurethane* thermal insulation with steel backing

  • Superior energy efficiency and ultra-quiet operation

  • Distinct Doors (27/27 ga steel)

  • Enduring Doors (24/27 ga steel)

  • Cambridge Doors (25/27 ga steel)



The size of the door will have a direct impact on price, but in order to get a firm price estimate on a new garage door the space needs to be measured accurately. E&M Garage Door offers this service at no charge!(Hint: the only the way to get a real price quote is to have the space (not the door) professionally measured, otherwise every price is just a guess.)


Wind Load & Impact Resistance

Many areas have local government regulations for wind load, particularly coastal areas. Florida has the strictest requirements because they know what many do not which is...

That in heavy wind, if the garage door holds, the damage to the house will be limited. If the garage door fails, the roof will be blown off and the house will crumble.

If you live in an area that experiences hurricanes, typhoons or tornadoes, you may want to consider wind load and impact resistance. Fortunately, in most cases manufacturer's now include these features in each of their lines, so you will not need to sacrifice style for safety!

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